Messages from your classmates
It was great seeing you all.I can't wait till we get to meet again.You all take care and be safe.Love Ya All.
Roosevelt Broome III

Sean and Trisha (Hopkins) Wilson

We didn't get to talk to alot of was so dark..until we got to the room where they took our picture and we could finally see each other..and then the photographer couldn't make us be quiet!! It was fun to see how people have changed..and not changed! It was nice to talk to Anna Jones and I was glad she came even though her husband had to go to his own reunion that night! I was glad some of you remembered Marline Faherty even though she moved before High School.  She is still as sweet as ever! (And even danced with Jessie's husband at the end of the night!) I enjoyed dancing with my sweetheart!  And the intense dance/drama that Jessie and her husband did to "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights"!  Thanks Jessie! LYLAS, Too!  Trisha

Trisha Wilson (Hopkins)

Man o' man, I guess I missed another one. The last time I checked it was only 20-25 people that had rsvp and Jessie said that it was approx. 100 people! It look like you all had a good time. I especially hate that I missed all my neighborhood friends..I saw ya'll,lol.. If anyone has pics from the event or otherwise, that you have'nt posted yet, please do so. I would love to see them. You can also send them to me @ or lannh_65@hotmail I look forward to hearing from you. Until then take care!  


LaTisha Harris
Lee, BJ, and Kent
Fred and Bernice
Sandy and Bernice
Dendra, Me, Lori, and Diane
Dendra and Bernice
Who was really going under?
Bernice Dixon
Where's my shoes?
Today, being Red, White & Blue day-I was wondering where my 1983 white Nikes with the Blue swoosh were.....ahhh, but of course, in one of the 80s shrine box, unloaded from my car last weekend.  I dug about through my daughters Loves Baby Soft, Cabbage Patch phone and Smurfette pillow, our sons atari and ET, and so many things that I must put back in my living room and dining room.  And, alas-found my Nikes.  When I originally began getting "stuff" together for the centerpieces and shrine, my husband said "You know people will think you're crazy?".  I told him it was okay, cause no one would never know I took this stuff off walls in my house and off shelves in our living room.  I must say, I did receive a few emails that said "You"re wild and crazy as ever!".  But you know what?  It sure it FUN!  Happy day everyone!  Dont hesitate to be wild and crazy today!